The Two Plus Four Negotiations From a German-German Perspective

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Barbara Munske

An Analysis of Perception

ISBN 978-3-8258-2071-8
Band-Nr. 9
Jahr 1994
Seiten 200
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Reihe Studies on Effective Multilateralism for Sustainable Development


This book contains interviews with the participants of the
two German negotiation delegations, participating in the
so-called „2 + 4“ negotiations on the external aspects
German unification, including the two German former Foreign
The material that Barbara Munske makes available to the
international political science community is unusual in two
regards: First, it is extremely rare that diplomats are
willing and open to talk about their experiences during a
negotiation process. Second, the German unification process
receives an added, detailed account of how the negotiations
progressed. Much has been written about the German
unification process but personal accounts of the external
aspects of German unification are difficult to find. Due to
the personal accounts of the negotiators involved, the
reader will almost be able to feel the tension and diversity
of opinions of the two German delegations.
The focus of the study is the delegation of the former GDR.
All participants of that delegation where prepared to talk
intensively with Ms. Munske about their experiences and
thoughts. Due to the psychosocial analytical approach that
this book entails, especially the focus on the question of
power and dominance in a negotiation setting, the book shows
once more that concentrating in analysis solely on content
and not on atmospheres of international negotiations,
ignores formative elements in decision-making.