Les jardins du nomade

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Sylvie Poirier

Cosmologie, territoire et personne dans le désert occidental australien

ISBN 978-3-8258-2482-9
Band-Nr. 1
Jahr 1996
Seiten 312
Bindung broschiert
Reihe Studien zur sozialen und rituellen Morphologie. Studies in Social and Ritual Morphology.


“ Les jardins du nomade is a brillant study of the
use and social potential of dreams in a small-scale,
egalitarian society. Focusing on the role of dreams,
creativity and innovation within the context of an
ideological structure of permanence among Western Desert
Aboriginal people, this book emphasizes the immanence of the
Creaming – its place within everyday life – and its
consequent availability for the formulation of new human
arrangements without challenging the overall structuring of
experience. It is a tribute to the author’s subtlety and
rigor that she has managed to synthesize a complex and
diverse range of theoretical and empirical materials, while
maintaining her own originality and intellectual integrity
(…) Les jardins du nomade is an exciting
contribution on a problem few have even imagined.“

Sylvie Poirier is assistant professor at
Laval University (Quebec, Canada). Since 1980, she has been
conducting researches among the Kukatja and other oboriginal
groups of the Australian Western Desert.