Islam – Motor or Challenge of Modernity

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Georg Stauth (ed.)

ISBN 978-3-8258-3276-7
Jahr 1998
Seiten 224
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Reihe Yearbook of the Sociology of Islam

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In this first volume of the Yearbook of Sociology of Islam Georg Stauth
brought together Islamologists and Sociologists who explore Islam and
modern applications of Islamic thought as a way of demonstrating in a
variety of social fields the ambiguity of the effective use of religious
ideas and specifically Islamic models of social order to promote change.
Far away from being apologetic, this collection of papers intends to show
that the transcendental visions of Islam have been used as a foundational
matrix for an indigenized „Islamic Sociology“ as much as they played an
important role in the modern restructuration of local symbolic and
political orders. Analysis and discourse are privileged components in the
scientific part of both the Islamic and the Western world. Accordingly,
this volume attempts to contribute to the ongoing dialogue among
sociologists about the effective „history“ of exchange
between Islamic visions and modernity.

Mona Abaza, Mohammed Arkoun, Friedemann Büttner, Fanny Colonna, Shmuel N.
Eisenstadt, Peter Heine, Armando Salvatore, Reinhard Schulze, Georg
Stauth, Karin Werner, Sami Zubaida


Georg Stauth teaches sociology at the
University of Bielefeld, Germany.