New Europe: Transformation and Environmental Issues

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Lucia Mariani; Matteo Mascia; Martina Vagacovà (Ed.)

ISBN 978-3-8258-3382-8
Band-Nr. 15
Jahr 1998
Seiten 424
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Reihe Europa 2025 –

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The „peaceful revolutions“ that took place in Central and Eastern European
countries after 1989, have indeed started a period of transition and change
all over the continent. This publication carries out some remarks on the
concept of sustainable development and on the condition for its
implementation in the new Europe. Particular attention has been devoted to
the review ot those consuming patterns by now acknowledged, even though
for reasons that can be really different, as unsustainable either in the
West either in the East of Europe.

Dealing with such a difficult transformation process, at present already in
progress in our societies, the Third International Conference on „Ethics
an Environmental Policies“ represented a positive opportunity to discuss,
think over and achieve a common strategy to be elaborated in a context of
equity and respect for all the diversities that can be singled out in the
West and East of Europe.

The Fondazione Lanza is a research center established in Padua (Italy) in
the mid eighties. Since the beginning, its specific aims have been those of
contributing to the diffusion of an ethical conception, able to conjugate
those values stating the dignity and centrality of human beings as
principles of the Christian idea of life, with all the challenges coming
from the compelling scientific an technological progress and massive
changes noticeable in actual economcal and social systems. The Fondazione
Lanza, within its four Projects of research (Ethics, Philosophy and
Teology; Ethics and Medicine; Ethics and Environmental Policies; Ethics,
Economics and Politics), promotes annual and long term projects,
organizes national and international meetings, coordinates and sponsors
courses, public debates, specific education initiatives and publications.