Nancy Cartwright: Laws, Capacities and Science

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Matthias Paul (Hrsg.)

Vortrag und Kolloquium in Münster 1998

ISBN 978-3-8258-3842-0
Band-Nr. 2
Jahr 1999
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Reihe Münsteraner Vorlesungen zur Philosophie

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Nancy Cartwright has been a dominant figure in the philosophy of
science for more than twenty years. In the early eighties she wrote her
influential book „How the Laws of Physics Lie“ which was generally
perceived to be a challenge to a realistic conception of scientific
theories. Over the last decade her focus has shifted to issues
concerning what she calls „fundamentalism“. This is the position that
laws of nature are basic and that other things come from them.
Cartwright rejects this story and replaces it by the view that capacities
are basic and that laws obtain „on account of the repeated Operation of
a system of components with stable capacities in particularly fortunate
circumstances“. This book focuses mainly on Cartwright’s recent work
on laws and capacities. It is the outcome of the second series of the
Münster lectures in philosophy which took place during 5 – 6 May,
1998. This volume comprises a revised version of Cartwright’s
evening talk, 12 colloquium papers which Cartwright considered to be
„extremely thought provoking“, followed by replies Cartwright makes
to each of them.