Statistics of Democide

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Rudolph J. Rummel

Genocide and Mass Murder since 1900

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Jahr 1998
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`Statistics of Democide‘ has two purposes. First, it links
all the relevant estimates, sources, and calculations for
each of the case studies in Death by Government
(`Demozid‘ – der befohlene Tod. Massenmorde im
20. Jahrhundert), and all additional cases of lesser
democide for which data have been collected. The value of
this is the listing of each source, its estimate, and
comments qualifying the estimate. From these others can
check and evaluate Rummel’s totals, refine and correct them,
and build on this comprehensive set of data. These data are
presented and annotated for pre-20th century democide for
the megamurderers and for the United States and lesser
murderers. All data sources referenced in the democide
tables are listed in the references. The methodological
underpinnings for this collection have been given in Rummels
previous work, i. e. Death by Government.

Second, having finished collecting all these data and
completing the major case studies Rummel finally could
systematically test the assumed inverse relationship between
democracy and democide. That is the substance of this book.
Rummel details the tests and summarizes them.

Conclusion is that the diverse tests are positive and
robust, that the less liberal democracy and the more
totalitarian a regime, the more likely it will commit
democide. The closer to absolute power, the more a regime’s
disposition to murder one’s subjects or foreigners
multiplies. As far as this work is concerned, Rummel
concludes: „it is empirically true that Power kills,
absolute Power kills absolutely.“

R. J. Rummel is Professor Emeritus of
Political Science, University of Hawaii.