Europe and Latin America

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Ina-Maria Greverus, Christian Giordano, Regina Römhild (eds.) Co-Editor: Arnd Schneider

ISBN 978-3-8258-4163-4
Band-Nr. 7
Jahr 1999
Seiten 170
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Reihe Anthropological Journal on European Cultures

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AJEC is a journal focusing on development in European cultures. It
attempts to stimulate the interdisciplinary discourse and to transcend the
discrepancies between theory and
practice from an anthropological perspective.

AJEC concentrates on current European dynamics resulting from fundamental
structural changes, increasing complexity and individualisation on one
hand and forced homogenisation on the other. Themes like social, regional
and ethnic movements, migration, urbanisation and multiculturalisation,
development in political culture, environmental and ecological
perspectives will be discussed to enlighten contemporary European
experiences and expressions of cultural identities and cultural


  • The Politics of Antropology at Home