John McDowell: Reason and Nature

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Marcus Willaschek (ed.)

Lecture and Colloquium in Münster 1999

ISBN 978-3-8258-4414-5
Band-Nr. 3
Jahr 2000
Seiten 128
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Reihe Münsteraner Vorlesungen zur Philosophie

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John McDowell is one of the most influential philosophers writing today. His
work, ranging from interpretations of Plato and Aristotle to
Davidsonian semantics, from ethics to epistemology and the philosophy of
mind, has set the agenda for many recent philosophical debates.

This volume contains the proceedings of the third Münsteraner
Vorlesungen zur Philosophie which McDowell delivered in 1999: A lecture,
entitled „Experiencing the World“, introduces into the set of ideas
McDowell developed in his groundbreaking book Mind and World. The
lecture is followed by ten brief essays, both interpretative and critical,
in which students and faculty from the Department of Philosophy at the
University of Münster discuss various aspects of McDowell’s philosophy. The
volume ends with responses by John McDowell.