Military and Society in 21st Century Europe

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Jürgen Kuhlmann, Jean Callaghan (Editors)

A Comparative Analysis

ISBN 978-3-8258-4449-8
Jahr 2000
Seiten 384
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Reihe George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies


After the Cold War came to an end, European countries in
both East and West faced the common question of how their
military organizations and those of their neighbors would
respond to shifts in international relations affecting their
economies, their perception of globalized threats, and
cross-national security management. It is undisputed, for
example, that in well-developed democratic societies, the
challenge to the legitimacy of the military in society, the
decreasing subjective apprehension of threat, and growing
opposition to systems of universal conscription have been
linked to gains in wealth and living standards. This volume
seeks, by empirically measuring social indicators, to assess
the current state of civil-military relations in a number of
countries in Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Czech Republic,
Hungary, Romania, Russia) as well as the state of relations
in several of their Western European counterparts (France,
Germany, Italy, the Netherlands). The country studies
describe and analyze the differing positions of the military
in their specific national settings.