China’s Financial Sector Reform in the Transition to a Market Economy

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Feng Wei

Key issues and policy options

ISBN 978-3-8258-4555-9
Band-Nr. 6
Jahr 1999
Seiten 328
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Reihe Institut für Weltwirtschaft und Internationales Management


The book is a problem-oriented study of China’s financial sector in the
transitional process since 1979. It provides deep and precise insights
into the characteristics and problems of China’s financial sector with
respect to investment finance, the central banking and commercial banking
systems, the financial market, and the legal and institutional framework
of bank supervision in China. More importantly, the book has also proposed
workable strategies for resolving two acute problems: interest rate
liberalization and solving the issue of non-performing loans in China’s
banking system. The recent financial crisis in Asia is also a subject
of the book, especially as regards its effects on the banking sector, stock
markets, and extemal financial market liberalization in China.
Furthermore, a projection is made about the trends in Chinese economic
policies, particularly the interest rate policy, the exchange rate policy,
and the fiscal policy, and about the perspectives of China’s financial
sector reform.

This book is a valuable reference for academic researchers, investors,
business managers, and policy-makers who are concemed with China’s banking
and financial system.