The Philosophical Quest for God

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Norbert Fischer

A Journey through Its Stations

ISBN 978-3-8258-4856-6
Band-Nr. 4
Jahr 2005
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Philosophy is Love of wisdom. There is continual danger that the ports of
the search will be taken as the final goal. The constitutive absoluteness
of its goal points to an unknown absolute. This absolute creates a place
for thinking about God. Thus the God-question plays its role in every
philosophy, from antiquity to the present. The way begins with man as the
entry-point of the question concerning transcendence. Then this question
is shown to be directed toward God. The middle section is dedicated to the
arguments concerning divine existence. After the arguments for the
reasonableness of belief in God, we deal with the relationship of
philosophical thought about God to living faith. Finally, the ways to a
search for God carried out in trust, which certain thinkers have followed
while recognizing its problems, will be outlined.