Canon Law

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Libero Gerosa

ISBN 978-3-8258-4857-4
Band-Nr. 5
Jahr 2000
Seiten 288
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One of the main demands of Vatican II Council with respect to Canon Law
was to always focus on the mystery of the Church. This clear and distinct
position led to a renewal of the methodology applied to the discipline of
Canon Law in almost all post-conciliar „schools“. The canonistic demand
however, similarly to change the didactic tools, the teaching material, in
this new context has proved to be less significant.
Knowing the importance and the urgency of this initiative has been a
strong source of motivation to the author.

The leading and inspiring idea behind this initiative is the conviction
that the formal principles of Canon Law, both as the inner structure of
the Church community as well as a proper scientific method, are the three
fundamental elements of the constitution of the Church: the Word, the
Sacrament and Charisma.

Libero Gerosa is the rector of the
theological institute of Lugano, Switzerland. Previously,
he taught ecclesiastical law at the theological institute
of Paderborn, Germany.