Martha C. Nussbaum Ethics and Political Philosophy

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Angela Kallhoff (ed.)

Lecture and Colloquium in Münster 2000

ISBN 978-3-8258-4881-7
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Jahr 2001
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Reihe Münsteraner Vorlesungen zur Philosophie

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The philosophical writings of Martha C. Nussbaum, Professor of Law at the
University of Chicago, are distinguished by their synthesis of different
research areas and by their treatment of current, socially controversial
issues. In her ethical and political philosophy, Nussbaum gives detailed
readings of works from ancient Greece and Rome, interpreting classical
texts with a view to their relevance for contemporary questions. Her
„capabilities-approach“, developed through her work on Aristotle, has
become an established part of political philosophy and of the ethics of
the good life. Spurred by her involvement with international
organizations, Nussbaum has also employed her philosophical program to
confront and investigate ways of solving problems of social justice. In
this volume, Nussbaum’s work is examined in the context of current
philosophical debates, with discussions other thinking on the relationship
of literature and ethics, on feminism, on the politics of international
development, and on the idea of cosmopolitanism.

Angela Kallhoff holds a teaching position at
the Department of Philosophy at the University of Münster.