Black Liberation in the Americas

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Fritz Gysin, Christopher Mulvey (eds.)

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Jahr 2001
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The recognition that Africans in the Americas have also been
subjects of their destiny rather than merely passive objects
of European oppression represents one of the major shifts in
twentieth-century mainstream historiography. Yet even in the
eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, slave narratives and
abolitionist tracts offered testimony to various ways in
which Africans struggled against slavery, from outright
revolt to day-to-day resistance. In the first decades of the
twentieth century, African American historians like Carter
G. Woodson and W. E. B. Du Bois started to articulate a
vision of African American history that emphasized survival
and resistance rather than victimization and oppression.
This volume seeks to address these and other issues in black
liberation from interdisciplinary and comparative
perspectives, focusing on such issues as slave revolts,
day-to-day resistance, abolitionist movements, maroon
societies, the historiography of resistance, the literature
of resistance, black liberation movements in the twentieth
century, and black liberation and post colonial theory. The
chapters span the disciplines of history, literature,
anthropology, folklore, film, music, architecture, and art,
drawing on the black experience of liberation in the United
States, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

Fritz Gysin is Professor at the Universty of

Christopher Mulvey is Professor at King Alfred’s College,