Historical Reality or Metaphoric Expression?

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Michael Wachutka

Culturally formed contrasts in Karl Florenz‘ and lida Takesato’s interpretations of Japanese mythology

ISBN 978-3-8258-5239-3
Band-Nr. 1
Jahr 2001
Seiten 224
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Reihe BUNKA – WENHUA. Tübinger Ostasiatische Forschungen.


Historical Reality or Metaphoric Expression?
elucidates the differing interpretations on Japanese
mythology by the German philologist and historian Karl
Florenz (1865 – 1939) and the Japanese
kokugakusha Iida Takesato (1828 – 1900) at the end of
the 19th century.

Iida in his Nihonshoki-tsushaku and Florenz
in his Japanische Mythologie approached a
comparable endeavor from very different vantage points. It
is shown how their distinct cultural formation, their
education and upbringing within unlike academic discourses,
and their life within a variety of intellectual, social and
political milieus formed their different scholarly outlook
and methodology in interpreting and commenting on the

Comparing both scholars, their work and their mutual
relation, we can find a very interesting interaction of
cultural and scholarly traditions. Based on translations of
both works, this study juxtaposes Iida’s `emic‘ inner view
on Japanese mythology with the `etic‘ outside view of
Florenz, and at the same time provides the first portrayal
of life and work of these two eminent scholars in English.