Exiled God and Exiled Peoples

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Andrea Fröchtling

Memoria Passionis and the Perception of God During and after Apartheid and Shoah

ISBN 978-3-8258-5791-3
Band-Nr. 22
Jahr 2003
Seiten 368
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Reihe Ökumenische Studien / Ecumenical Studies

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„Exiled God and exiled peoples“ sets out to explore the perceptions of
God within a number of forcibly removed communities in South Africa and
Jewish survivors of the Shoah, with the latter being predominantly of
German origin. It considers rupture in individual and commmunal
life-stories as a determining factor in the perception of and the
relationship with God and follows the path paved by survivors of apartheid
and the Shoah by recalling their topo-logy, their stories about
place, displacement and terror and the encapsulated relationship with God
in their respective exiles.