Germany’s Africa Policy Revisited

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Ulf Engel, Robert Kappel (Eds.)

Interests, images and incrementalism. Second expanded, updated and revised edition

ISBN 978-3-8258-5985-1
Band-Nr. 4
Jahr 2006
Seiten 216
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Reihe Politics and Economics in Africa

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Although Germany has been a major international player in
Africa ever since its readmission to international politics
after 1955, suprisingly little has been written about its
policy vis-à-vis Africa – and even less reliable knowledge
has been established. „Germany’s Africa policy revisited“
firstly reviews Germany’s relations with the African
continent over the past decades. Secondly, it addresses some
crucial factual gaps which characterize the state of
research so far. Thirdly, it discusses some of the
theoretical and methodological undercurrents of past
research. The contributors to this volume represent a mix of
academics and practitioners. Their interest and personal
involvement in the subject is longstanding

With contributions by Ulf Engel, Ernst Hillebrand, Rolf Hofmeier, Robert
Kappel, Stephan Klingebiel, Volkmar Köhler, Reinhart
Kössler, Stefan Mair, Henning Melber, Andreas Mehler, Peter Molt, Volker
Vinnai, and Jürgen H. Wolff.

Ulf Engel, associate professor `Politics in Africa‘ Institute of African
Studies (University of Leipzig).
Robert Kappel, professor / director German Institute of Global and Area
Studies, Hamburg.