The South Caucasus at the Crossroads

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Elkhan Nuriyev

Conflicts, Caspian Oil and Great Power Politics

ISBN 978-3-8258-6216-9
Band-Nr. 26
Jahr 2007
Seiten 384
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Reihe Politik: Forschung und Wissenschaft

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Written by a highly respected expert in the field, the book addresses some
of this little known region’s most vital issues: territorial conflicts,
oil and natural gas resources, geopolitical complexities and pipeline
politics, as well as the successes and failures of democratic processes in
the post-Soviet countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. The future
of these newly independent states, where Iran and Turkey, as well as
Russia, the U.S. and the EU are vying for political and economic influence
is still being determined, and it is more clear every day that events in
the Caucasus and Caspian Sea region have the potential to impact European
security. The author looks at the challenges faced by these young South
Caucasian countries and examines the prospects for future peace and
prosperity in the region. The „South Caucasus at the Crossroads“ is
essential reading for students and researchers of post-Soviet history and
Caucasus studies, sociology, Caspian Sea politics, political science and
international relations.

Elkhan Nuriyev is currently Professor of Political Science at Western
University in Baku, Azerbaijan