Diviners and Prophets among the Xhosa (1593-1856)

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Mongameli Mabona

A study in Xhosa cultural history

ISBN 978-3-8258-6700-5
Band-Nr. 12
Jahr 2005
Seiten 464
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Reihe Ethnologie / Anthropology

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The South African anthropologist, Dr M. Mabona, uses the main title of
this book as a convenient platform to launch an investigation into the
roots of Xhosa culture and history. Many of the findings break new ground
in Southern African anthropology and history such as: the original stock
of the Bantu peoples arose from a cradle-land between the Orange and Vaal
rivers in South Africa; the word `Guinea‘ is identical with the Xhosa `ebu
Nguni‘ (Nguniland); Xhosa as well as Bantu history stretches back 50’000
years ago into the Middle Stone Ages (MSA) and into the Acheulian Age –
the age of hominisation; the basic paradigmatic structure of Bantu speech;
Xhosa thought structures; the fundamental relationship between the Xhosa
language and mythology.