Critical Voicings of Black Liberation

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Kimberley L. Phillips, Hermine D. Pinson, Lorenzo Thomas, Hanna Wallinger (Eds.)

Resistance and Representations in the Americas

ISBN 978-3-8258-6739-0
Band-Nr. 11
Jahr 2003
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The contributions to „Critical Voices of Black Liberation
in the Americas“ originated from the 1999 CAAR Conference
in Münster and from conferences held in the US in 2000 and
2001. More than half of the eleven essays consider black
performances on stage, in sound, and on film; the remaining
essays explore slavery, African American literature, and
nineteenth-century black educators. These exciting essays
creatively examine artistic and/or political articulation of
black liberation as the construction of a new critical and
signifyin(g) voice. This liberated and critical voice
asserts itself as much as a communal expression of black
subjectivities as it is an articulation of the black self.

Hanna Wallinger is Professor at the
Department of English and American Studies at the University
of Salzburg