Politics and Public Outrage

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Erika Meins

Explaining Transatlantic and Intra-European Diversity of Regulations on Food Irradiation and Genetically Modified Food

ISBN 978-3-8258-6767-6
Band-Nr. 96
Jahr 2003
Seiten 216
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Reihe Politikwissenschaft

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This study provides a general framework that is able to
explain cross-national regulatory variation. Its most
important theoretical contribution is to include the notion
of public perceptions into a political economy theory of
regulation. The study involves four case studies from the
realm of environmental, health, and safety risks.

„[…] The case studies on food irradiation fill an
important gap in the literature on environmental, health,
and safety regulation. The case studies on GMO-regulation
are […] more systematic and informative than most
other work of a comparable nature that has been published

Prof. Thomas Bernauer, Center for International Studies, Zurich.