Imagined Power Contested

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Stefanie Michels

Germans and Africans in the Upper Cross River Area of Cameroon 1887 – 1915

ISBN 978-3-8258-6850-8
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Jahr 2004
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Reihe Encounters / Begegnungen

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„The whole village consulted and came to the conclusion
that the Germans had come to ‚climb on our heads‘. What
could we do? Those who said they had come to develop us had
come to destroy us only. We started planning a resistance.
The people sent a bag of stones to the white man with the
message: „Mpaw Manku wants to fight with you to see who is
stronger!‘ “ (Apa Martin Apa, 2001).

This study shows how power was constructed, enacted and
contested by discursive and non-discursive strategies and
practices. It emphasises the local and historic divergence
of these processes and illustrates how Germans and Africans
were able to produce exclusive power arenas but also engaged
in a reciprocal extraversion of the respective power of the