Socially Inclusive Cities

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Peter Herrle, Uwe-Jens Walther (eds.)

Emerging Concepts and Practice. With contributions from Peter Herrle, Uwe-Jens Walther, Horst Matthäus, Reinhard Goethert, Alicia Ziccardi and Arturo Mier y Terán, Christoph Stump, Debra Roberts, Monika El Shorbagi, Neelima Risbud, Anne Power, Mary Corcoran White, Heidede Becker and Hans-Peter Löhr

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Jahr 2005
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Urban poverty and exclusion are growing worldwide – some suspect not in
spite, but because of increasing wealth and globalisation. And they
concentrate in particular urban areas: The rich-poor-divide can be traced
in the microcosm of cities of the north and south, east and west.
In many countries, however, integrated strategies for social cities are
under way to counteract these tendencies of social, economic and spatial
polarisation. Access to basic infrastructure, security of tenure, urban
design and planning play a vital role in these integrated area-based
approaches. They are part and parcel of new forms of governance and urban
This book brings together such emerging experience and expertise from
developing countries, North America and Europe. It looks at social
inclusion at work – how it is done. Experts from all over the globe
provide first hand in-depth-knowledge about their cases, their problems
and prospects. They are part of the global effort to fight urban poverty
and social exclusion in the context of sustainable development.

Peter Herrle is professor of architecture and urban
development and head of the Habit Unit at Berlin University of Technology
Uwe-Jens Walther is professor of urban and regional sociology at the
Institute of Sociology at Berlin University of Technology (TUB)