Paul Tillich’s Theology of Culture in Dialogue with African Theology

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Sylvester I. Ihuoma

A Contextual Analysis

ISBN 978-3-8258-7288-2
Band-Nr. 11
Jahr 2004
Seiten 312
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Reihe Tillich-Studien

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„This fundamental theological study is innovative, eye-opening
and interdisciplinary in orientation. With it, Ihuoma
makes a constructive contribution to the debate on both
Tillich’s theology of culture and African contextual theology.“

Prof. Dr. J. Werbick; PD Dr. J. Manemann (Univ. of Münster)

„The work reconstructs Tillich’s theology of culture in an
original manner and contemporaneously helps European
readers to understand the religious cultural thought of the Igbo,
especially with regard to the idea of the Supreme Being.“

Prof. Dr. G. Collet
(Univ. of Münster)

Sylvester I. Ihuoma, Dr. theol., studied
philosophy at Seat of Wisdom, Owerri, Nigeria. After his
licentiate in sacred theology in Rome, he did his doctoral
research at the renowned Faculty of Theology, University of
Münster, Germany.