Mpundu Akwa

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Elisa von Joeden-Forgey (Ed.)

The Case of the Prince from Cameroon The newly discovered Speech for the Defense by Dr. M. Levi

ISBN 978-3-8258-7354-4
Band-Nr. 44
Jahr 2002
Seiten 152
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Reihe Geschichte

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This book publishes for the first time in English the full and expanded
text of a 1905 defense speech that resulted in the remarkable acquittal of
a German colonial subject, „Crown Prince“ Mpundu Akwa, in a metropolitan
court. Dr. Moses Levi used his speech to defend brilliantly the young
Cameroonian against charges of fraud and in the process to critique the
entire German colonial system. At a time when Germany’s colonial project
was being called into question, the trial and the defense speech were
politically explosive.

Moses Levi’s defense speech is a courageous and fascinating
document humain – one that offers broad insight into the world
of colonialism, race and power at the turn of the century.