European Integration and Sport

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Georg Anders, Joachim Mrazek, Gilbert Norden, Otmar Weiß (Eds.)

Selected Papers of the 1st Conference of the European Association for Sociology of Sport

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Band-Nr. 1
Jahr 2004
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Sport cultures in Europe are developing as a result on the one hand of the
internal situation within each society, and on the other of adaptation of
influences and directions from outside. In the process of European
integration global interconnection and cultural differentiation occur
simultaneously. The articles of the reader give ideas and empirical data
on the role of sport in European societies and the uniting Europe.


Georg Anders, Ph.D., Federal Institute of Sport Science, Bonn

Joachim Mrazek, Ph.D., Assistant Professor German Sport University Cologne

Gilbert Norden, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at the Department of Sociology,
University of Vienna

Otmar Weiss, Ph.D., Professor at the Department of Sport Science,
University of Vienna