Local Land Law and Globalization

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Gordon R. Woodman, Ulrike Wanitzek, Harald Sippel (Eds.)

A comparative study of peri-urban areas in Benin, Ghana and Tanzania

ISBN 978-3-8258-7843-0
Band-Nr. 21
Jahr 2004
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This book is a study of the effects of global influences on
local activity in relation to the land laws in some urban
and peri-urban localities in three African countries. It
begins with a theoretical consideration of the concept of
globalization and of the way in which it may inform research
in the social scientific study of law. The three chapters
which form the core of the book are detailed, empirical
studies of the effects of globalizing processes on the
living land laws observed in selected communities in Benin,
Ghana and Tanzania. The last chapter consists of some
comparative conclusions. The study is part of the
interdisciplinary research programme on „Local Action in
Africa in the Context of Global Influences“ (Humanities
Collaborative Research Centre, SFB/FK 560) at the University
of Bayreuth, Germany.