Ritual and Identity

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Klaus-Peter Köpping, Bernhard Leistle, Michael Rudolph (Eds.)

Performative Practices as Effective Transformations of Social Reality

ISBN 978-3-8258-8042-7
Band-Nr. 8
Jahr 2006
Seiten 304
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Reihe Performanzen: Interkulturelle Studien zu Ritual, Spiel und Theater –


To which extent is ritual involved in the formation of collective and personal identities? What are
the mechanisms that are responsible for the (mostly pre-reflexive) constitution of identity in
ritual; and – equally important – what are the strategies employed by social actors to actively
influence and enhance these constitutive processes? In order to find answers to these essential
questions, authors refer to case studies from their respective areas of field research such as
Japan, Morocco, Taiwan, Korea, India, and the Azores.

Köpping is professor of anthropology at the Institute of Ethnology at Heidelberg University and also
guest-professor at Goldsmith College London. His research focusses on popular and folk-religious
practices in Japan through the lens of performance theories.

Leistle is a doctoral candidate at the Institute of Ethnology at Heidelberg University. In his research
focussing on Moroocan trance rituals he concentrates on theories of the phenomenology of perception.

Rudolph, Institute of Ethnology at Heidelberg University, conducts his post-doctoral research on
rituals of Taiwanese aborigines under the impact of nativism and globalization.

The editors are members of a cross-disciplinary research project „Ritual Dynamics“ centred at
Heidelberg University and funded by the German Research Foundation.
Web-Adress: www.ritual-and-identity.uni-hd.de