Eucharist is Love

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Benni Grigoriose Koottanal

A Dogmatic and Hermeneutic Understanding of the Salesian Eucharistic Theology in the Calvinistic Era

ISBN 978-3-8258-8249-7
Band-Nr. 5
Jahr 2005
Seiten 392
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Reihe Dogma und Geschichte

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The research aims at an indepth study of the Salesian Eucharistic Theology
from its contextual and historical backgrounds by enunciating its spirit
from the Christological and Biblical perspectives. On the one hand, the
study takes into consideration the staunch Eucharistic Theology of John
Calvin; on the other, it critically evaluates the teachings of the Council
of Trent, taking into consideration the core, as well as, the
controversial aspects of the Eucharist, from the Calvinistic and the
Catholic perspectives. The author synchronizes and juxtaposes the Catholic
teaching in a Salesian perspective, emphasizing „Love“ as the foundation
of the Eucharist.