Extending the Lifespan

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Klaus Sames, Sebastian Sethe, Alexandra Stolzing (Eds.)

Biotechnical, Gerontological, and Social Problems. Collected transcripts of the international conference on „Experimental gerontology“, conducted by the German Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics (DGGG e. V. Sektion I), 24-26th September 2003, Hamburg, Germany

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Jahr 2005
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This book collects the essays and presentations that were the product of a
highly successful international meeting on experimental gerontology,
conducted by the German Society for Gerontology and Gerontology in
September 2003.

In this volume, specialists from a variety of backgrounds address a
multitude of issues including:

Theories of Aging – Analytical Gerontology – Nutrition and
Lifespan – Antioxidants – Genetic Repair – Life Extension
Mathematics – Tissue Engineering – Transplantation – Stem Cells –
Cryopreservation – Nanotechnology – Criminology – Ethics in Research and