Peacebuilding and Civil Society in Bosnia-Herzegovina

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Martina Fischer (Ed.)

Ten Years after Dayton

ISBN 978-3-8258-8793-3
Jahr 2007
Seiten 496
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Reihe Berghof Research Center for Constructive Conflict Management/


The Dayton Accords ended the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1995. The 10th
anniversary gives reason to investigate the post-war period, today’s
realities and future perspectives. Bosnian authors and international
experts express their views on recent developments. Insiders and
outsiders, working in the conflict and on its transformation, have been
invited to tackle the questions: Which conflict lines mark the present
society? Did peacebuilding activities address the underlying causes? What
are obstacles for conflict transformation? What are the potentials and
limits of international support? What does „civil society“ mean in Bosnia
and how is it related to statebuilding and democratisation? How can people
constructively deal with the past in order to design the future in the
region of former Yugoslavia?
The book gives an overview on an important research focus of the Berghof
Research Center, highlighting the work of its most important cooperation

Martina Fischer, Dr. Phil., Deputy Director and Senior
Researcher at the Berghof Research Center for Constructive Conflict
Management, Berlin. Co-editor of the Berghof Handbook for Conflict
Transformation. Research and Publications on civil-military relations,
civilian approaches to conflict prevention, integration of conflict
transformation and peacebuilding concepts into development cooperation.

The Berghof Research Center for Constructive Conflict Management aims at
identifying constructive procedures and models for dealing with
ethnopolitical and socio-cultural conflicts. The Center’s work includes
coordinated activity in the areas of action oriented research, support for
local peace initiatives, political consultancy and networking. For more

The Berghof Handbook for Conflict Transformation offers both practitioners
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