Japan and East Asian Integration

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Chunji Yun

Myth of Flying Geese, Production Networks, and Regionalism

ISBN 978-3-8258-8980-7
Band-Nr. 13
Jahr 2005
Seiten 392
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Reihe Institut für Weltwirtschaft und Internationales Management


East Asia is now one of the most dynamic parts of the increasingly
regionalized world economy. This book explores the structure and upgrading
mechanism of the highly integrated economy, reviewing the previous
paradigm centered on Japan. The focal points are on the flying geese
paradigm, the regional production networks, a reinterpretation of the East
Asian crisis, the post-crisis transformation of the regional economy and a
search for further regional cooperation. This volume aims at presenting,
through these analyses, an alternative view for and a perspective on
future East Asian regionalism.