Aldous Huxley, Man of Letters: Thinker, Critic and Artist

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Bernfried Nugel, Uwe Rasch, Gerhard Wagner (Eds.)

Proceedings of the Third International Aldous Huxley Symposium Riga 2004

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Jahr 2008
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Reihe „Human Potentialities“. Studien zu Aldous Huxley & zeitgenössischer Kultur


The lectures, presentations and workshops collected here
reflect Aldous Huxley’s many-sidedness as a leading
exponent of twentieth-century literature seen from widely
different perspectives, among which Eastern European
approaches from Latvia, Russia, Poland, Romania and
Montenegro represent a novel feature at an international
Huxley conference. Another innovation are four workshops
devoted to Huxley’s The Art of Seeing and The
Perennial Philosophy. Last but not least presentations from
a Panel for Young Huxley Scholars testify to Huxley’s
continuing appeal for the younger generation.