Supporting Family Carers of Older People in Europe – The Pan-European Background Report

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Elizabeth Mestheneos, Judy Triantafillou

ISBN 978-3-8258-9121-6
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Jahr 2005
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Reihe Supporting Family Carers of Older People in Europe.

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All over Europe family carers provide the vast majority of care for
dependent older people. Are they recognised, socially and politically
protected and supported? This report reflects the issue of family care in
23 European countries based on National Background Reports written in 2004
as part of the EU-funded project EUROFAMCARE. It provides a comparative
overview of the wide range of formal care systems and services for their
support, as well as highlighting examples of interesting, innovative or
good practice. Key topics have been selected, ranging from the legal
status and responsibilities of family carers to the work of caring,
concluding with the main policy implications for the future of family