European Identity

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Ireneusz Pawel Karolewski, Viktoria Kaina (Eds.)

Theoretical Perspectives and Empirical Insights

ISBN 978-3-8258-9288-3
Band-Nr. 36
Jahr 2006
Seiten 320
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Reihe Region – Nation – Europa

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Despite its unequalled history of success, the European Union is still far
from its citizens. In the aftermath of the failed referenda on the European
constitutional treaty in France and the Netherlands in the early summer
of 2005, the EU is facing a severe crisis of trust. Hence, the questions
arise: how much pressure can the community tolerate in order to persist
and what does hold it together in times of scarcity, conflict, danger, and
threat? The contributions of this volume do not only provide a variety of
conceptualizations of European identity in the broad field of social
sciences such as sociology, political theory and International Relations,
but first and foremost intend to enrich the present research by offering
new theoretical perspectives and recent empirical findings.