Supporting Family Carers of Older People in Europe – The National Background Report for Poland

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Piotr Bledowski, Wojciech Pedich, Barbara Bien, Z. Beata Wojszel and Piotr Czekanowski

ISBN 978-3-8258-9338-3
Band-Nr. 3
Jahr 2006
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Reihe Supporting Family Carers of Older People in Europe.

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There is no extensive formal care provision or system supporting family
carers in Poland. The cohabiting family plays a major role in organizing
support for the elderly. Nevertheless, the family carers are not perceived
as natural partners for both medical and social services. As a result,
caring for the elderly often brings additional costs for the family and
restrictions to work and income. This publication presents the legal
status and social situation of family carers in Poland, explains the range
of services available and the possibilities to use help adapted specially
for this group.