Global Conjectures: China in Transnational Perspective

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William C. Kirby, Mechthild Leutner, Klaus Mühlhahn (Eds.)

ISBN 978-3-8258-9481-9
Band-Nr. 30
Jahr 2006
Seiten 168
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Reihe Berliner China-Hefte – Chinese History and Society


This issue deals with the integration of modern China into processes of
global exchange and cross-border interaction. The articles explore the
broader theme in different ways and in different subfields, ranging from
the history of political ideas to the history of institutions, from global
migration of people to the transmigration of academic discourses. Focusing
on modern as well as contemporary periods, the studies demonstrate that
China in the course of the twentieth century became an ever more important
nodal point in a complex set of worldwide networks and engagements. The
integration into global networks, together with the global consciousness
that corresponded with it, made possible significant connections
transcending national borders. The essays also show that the effects could
be homogenizing (or globalizing), but at the same time the growing
interactions also produced opposition and fragmentation.

Frau Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Mechthild Leutner
ist Professorin für Sinologie an der Freien Universität Berlin.