Blackness and Sexualities

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Michelle Wright, Antje Schuhmann (Eds.)

ISBN 978-3-8258-9693-5
Band-Nr. 16
Jahr 2007
Seiten 184
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How queer is Black studies, how racialized is queer studies? In the West,
racial fantasies are often sexualized, just as sexual fantasies often rely
on notions of a racial Other. Bringing together the latest work by some of
the foremost scholars in a variety of disciplines, Blackness and
Sexualities offers analyses and critiques that span three continents and
looks at topics such as: the secret marketing of black female pornography
to white American men; the eroticization of colonial legacies in
contemporary German media; the exoticization of African women in
previously unpublished photos and diaries by America’s first best-selling
black novelist; the ways in which film captures how drag queens can claim
agency and cooperate with all kinds of sexual communities across racial
lines-or fail to do so with terrible consequences.