Discussing Conflict in Ethiopia

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Wolbert G. C. Smidt, Kinfe Abraham (Eds.)

Conflict Management and Resolution. Proceedings of the Conference „Ethiopian and German Contributions to Conflict Management and Resolution“, Addis Ababa 11 to 12 November 2005

ISBN 978-3-8258-9795-6
Band-Nr. 32
Jahr 2008
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Reihe Afrikanische Studien/African Studies

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This volume contains the papers presented at the
Conference `Ethiopian and German Contributions to
Conflict Management and Resolution‘ of November 2005,
Addis Ababa. The aim of this conference was
to bring researchers and those working in the
practical field of conflict resolution together,
before the background of renewed internal and
international conflict. Research in conflict
resolution mechanisms is one of the most hopeful
fields in modern social sciences. Local
conflicts can have devastating effects on the state
and even involve the international level.
In turn, international conflict can also
destabilize society and create new local conflicts.
However, local conflict resolution mechanisms could be
of a great importance even within the international
scene. This volumes examines the experiences in
Ethiopia and the impact the acquired knowledge could
have for future conflict resolution and management.

The editors:

The economist and political historian Kinfe Abraham is the Director
of the Ethiopian International Institute for Peace and
Development (EIIPD), Addis Ababa, and of Horn of
Africa Democracy and Development (HADAD).

Wolbert G.C. Smidt, specialized in
political and historical anthropology, is a senior
researcher at the Asia-Africa-Institute of Hamburg
University, Germany, and professeur invité at the
École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS),