Fossil Fuels, Oil Companies, and Indigenous Peoples

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Tobias Haller, Annja Blöchlinger, Markus John, Esther Marthaler, Sabine Ziegler (Eds.)

Strategies of multinational oil companies, states, and ethnic minorities. Impact on environment, livelihoods, and cultural change

ISBN 978-3-8258-9798-7
Band-Nr. 1
Jahr 2007
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Reihe Action Anthropology/Aktionsethnologie

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`Fossil Fuels, Oil Companies, and Indigenous Peoples‘ is a study of oil production that
focuses on the places from which oil is extracted, and on the problems, both environmental
and human, created in those places. Global public awareness of the devastating impact of oil
extraction on local communities has grown considerably in recent years, due in large part to
Ken Saro-Wiwa’s work on behalf of the Ogoni in south-eastern Nigeria and his death in 1995
at the hands of Nigeria’s military dictatorship.

This volume consists of eight case-studies, all of them attempting to answer these questions:
What can indigenous people do when faced with the destruction of their natural and social
habitats? And how do oil companies respond to the various forms of local and indigenous
resistance to their activities?
The eight case studies deal with oil-producing regions in Alaska, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru,
Colombia, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea and West Siberia and encompass 18 indigenous
population groups.