The Governance of Legal Pluralism

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Werner Zips, Markus Weilenmann (Eds.)

Empirical Studies from Africa and Beyond

ISBN 978-3-8258-9822-9
Band-Nr. 12
Jahr 2011
Seiten 304
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Reihe Ethnologie: Forschung und Wissenschaft

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Law is considered by lawyers and sociologists to be at the
very center of social integration in Western societies,
whereas social anthropological discourses regard law as
marginal in Non-Western societies. Empirical studies of
multi-sited legal frameworks in many post-colonial political
settings demonstrate the difficulties to achieve any
predictable mode of governance, much less „good
governance“. The volume challenges both the marginalization
of legal arrangements and discourses in social anthropology
as well as the marginalization of legal anthropology within
social anthropology. The Governance of Legal Pluralism aims
at combining the related fields of Political and Legal
Anthropology in order to contribute towards a meaningful
(re)integration of the anthropology of law into the
mainstream of social anthroplogy.