Achievement as Value in the Igbo/African Identity: The Ethics

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Vernantius Emeka Ndukaihe

Perspectives in the light of Christian normative/value systems. Nachwort von Prof. Peter Fonk

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Jahr 2006
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Reihe Studies in African Philosophy

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Achievement seems to be a first-class value in our world today. With the
ongoing global debate on what constitutes identity, can we include
achievement as one of the constituents? In the Igbo/African identity, the
achievement instinct is basically innate. The ethics of this phenomenon
needs an evaluation, aimed at improving the status quo. What is the plight
of the Igbo/African „achieving“ in the face of modern capitalistic
tendencies? What has become of the many other values in her identity,
which has been her pride as a race? How is her religiosity (which is
inseparable from daily living) affected by „modernity“ and its new trends
of the achievement ethos? These are some of the issues, which the autor
addresses in this book with the conviction that theology, achievement and
identity, are continuity.

Dr. Vernantius Emeka Ndukaihe, born in 1964 in Amorka – Nigeria, has
Bachelors degrees in Philosophy (Urbaniana Roma 1988), in Theology
(Urbaniana Roma 1992), and Doctorate degree in Theology (Universität
Passau – Germany 2006). He was trained in Bigard Memorial Seminaries
Ikot-Ekpene and Enugu and ordained priest for Orlu Diocese (Nigeria) in
1992. Ndukaihe is presently writing another doctoral thesis in Educational