Europe – A New Immigration Continent

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Dietrich Thränhardt (Hrsg.)

Policies and Politics in Comparative Perspective 2. Aufl.

ISBN 978-3-89473-362-4
Band-Nr. 1
Jahr 1996
Seiten 288
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Reihe Studien zu Migration und Minderheiten

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This study illustrates the challenges that Western European
nations face as they struggle to come to terms with their
new situation as countries of immigration, against their
historical backdrop as important countries of out-migration.
Since the end of the Cold War, immigration has become one of
the foremost issues of national as well as European
politics. In this volume, the models and policies of the
four large nations of Western Europe – France, Germany,
Great Britain, and Italy – are examined within a
comparative framework by leading national experts on
immigration policy.
Bringing together the individual countries, elements of a
„negative coordination“ as well as those of a united
European immigration policy are evaluated with particular
attention given to EU visa arrangements and the
discourse centering around a border free „Schengenland“
Europe. Within this context, the thinking expressed by the
concept „Fortress Europe“ is confronted by highlighting
the demographic disparities between rich and poor nations,
and concepts of future policies are presented.

Dietrich Thränhardt is Professor of Political
Science at the University of Munster. Currently, he is
director of the Institute for Communication Research at his
university. In the academic year 1990/91, he was Visiting
Professor at International Christian University in Tokyo.
His latest books include Geschichte der Bundesrepublik
Deutschland (2nd ed., 1995), Ausländerinnen und
Ausländer in Nordrhein-Westfalen (Düsseldorf: MAGS 1995),
Migration and European Union (Ed., with Robert
Miles, London: Pinter 1995), and Japan und Deutschland
nach dem Kalten Krieg (Ed., Münster: LIT 1996).