Savannah Nomads

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Derek J. Stenning

A Study of the Wodaabe Pastoral Fulani of Western Bornu Province Northern Region, Nigeria. (1959) New introduction by Phil Burnham, Reader in Anthropology at University College, London

ISBN 978-3-89473-687-9
Jahr 1994
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Reihe Classics in African Anthropology

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This account of the Nomadic pastoral Fulani of
Bornu, Northern Nigeria, begins with a brief historical sketch of the
ancient kingdom of Bornu and its vicissitudes, of the Holy War of
the nineteenth century and its repercussions on the Fulani
pastoralists themselves. There follows a detailed analysis of the
family structure of the pastoralists (or Wodaabe), their
organization into lineage groups, their forms of marriage and of
inheritance, the status and functions of leaders in the lineage
group and the cattle camps, and the central place in the whole
social structure occupied by the herds. Part II is concerned with
changes in the traditional structure and way of life consequent
on the British administration, in particular the effects of the
introduction of village headships and of new methods of taxation.
A concluding chapter describes current plans for improving the
general economy of the pastoralists, by developing various
modifications of their methods of agricultural and animal
husbandry, and by establishing forms of settlement.