Land, Labour and Diet in Northern Rhodesia

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Audrey I. Richards

(1939 (reprinted 1970)) New introduction by Henrietta Moore, Lecturer in Anthropology at the London School of Economics

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Jahr 1994
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Reihe Classics in African Anthropology

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In this study Dr Audrey Richards describes the
conditions of the Bemba of North-Eastern Rhodesia, with special
reference to the effects of migrant labour on the social and
economic life of a mainly agricultural society. Although
primarily concerned with the production, distribution, and
consumption of food, and with conditions of labour and standards
of living, the book gives a vivid picture of the social structure
of the Bemba – their political organisation and the functions of
the chief, systems of land-tenure, kinship groupings, and the
whole complex of economic, social, and magico-religious factors
which arise in any community.
The book has been widely
recognised as an authoritative study particularly among
economists and anthropologists.