History and Underdevelopment in Morocco

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Benson Akutse Mojuetan

The structural roots of conjuncture

ISBN 978-3-89473-697-6
Jahr 1995
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History and Underdevelopment in Morocco is a wide-ranging
interpretation of the history of Morocco. Drawing not only on the
relevant literature of the Maghrib, but also on the more extensive
literature on `pre-capitalist formations‘ elsewhere, the
author attempts
to link the `micro-history‘ of Morocco with the `macro-history‘ of Europe
and the Middle East. Covering the mediaeval period through to the
present, and using a Marxist approach, he seeks to explain the roots of
Moroccan underdevelopment in terms of Morocco’s internal and external
relations. It is a worthwhile contribution to understanding of Moroccan
history and serious analysis of some crucial issues in the theory of
historical change.

Dr. B. A. Mojuetan is a Senior Lecturer in the
Department of History at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria.