Inaugural Pan-European Conference

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Frank R. Pfetsch

International Relations and Pan-Europe 2. Aufl. 1994

ISBN 978-3-89473-945-2
Jahr 1993
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This book originated from the „Inaugural Pan-European
Conference in International Relations“ held in Heidelberg,
September 1992. More than four hundred scholars from about
thirty countries convened in workshops covering topics
ranging from theoretical and disciplinary considerations to
applied security concepts.

The selection from this broad range of topics was provided
by an editorial committee from the „Standing Group on
International Relations“ in the „European Consortium for
Political Research“.

The articles in this book are grouped into six main fields
of research, i. e. „International Relations and its
Theoretical Orientations“, „Foreign Policy Studies“,
„Europe“, „The Study of Conflicts“, „Security Studies“
and „United Nations“. The reader has the option to
the present state of scholarly activity in International
Relations or get an insight into specific study-areas. This
book claims to reflect the state of the art in the study of
international relations particularly in Europe where most of
the authors live or come from.