Innovative Apprenticeships

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Felix Rauner, Erica Smith, Ursel Hauschildt, Helmut Zelloth (Eds.)

Promoting Successful School-to-Work Transitions

ISBN 978-3-643-10367-3
Band-Nr. 23
Jahr 2010
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The transition from school to vocational education is of different quality
and performance in the diverse national VET systems and heavily determined
by the different structures of governance in the national education and
VET systems. In September 2009, the International Network on Innovative
Apprenticeship (INAP) hosted its third international conference in Turin
bringing together leading researchers in the area of
international TVET research.

This book summarises all topics discussed within the frame of the Turin
conference and overviews current research and analysis in the following

  • Managing successful transitions from school to work
  • Building vocational identity
  • Competence evaluation and development in VET
  • Levels of governance and the role of stakeholders in