The Church-as-Family and Ethnocentrism in Sub-Saharan Africa

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Gerald K. Tanye

ISBN 978-3-643-10797-8
Band-Nr. 38
Jahr 2010
Seiten 520
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Reihe Tübinger Perspektiven zur Pastoraltheologie und Religionspädagogik


Ethnocentrism is one of the greatest obstacles to peace on the African
continent. Taking the Church as Family of God as a model of
evangelization, this work explores means of inculturating the Gospel
message in African cultures in order to transform them, make them blossom
and enable Africans to live as authentic Christians in their cultures. It
examines the values of African extended families and the prospects of
interreligious dialogue as means through which the various religious
bodies can effectively work together to overcome ethnocentrism and its
evil effects and thus establish a wholesome African society where every
human person is at home irrespective of family orientation or tribal

Gerald K. Tanye is a Ghanaian theologian and a
priest of the international Catholic religious missionary congregation:
Society of the Divine Word (Societas Verbi Divini, SVD). He is responsible
for educational and spiritual renewal courses in „Centrum St. Michael“
in the founding place of the SVD in Steyl/Venlo, Netherlands.