Highly Skilled Labor Migration

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Ulas Sunata

The Case of ICT Specialists from Turkey in Germany

ISBN 978-3-643-11003-9
Band-Nr. 67
Jahr 2010
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Highly Skilled Labor Migration has been mostly explained by reduction to
economy. The significance of both, determination of political economy on
HSLM and its impact on the economy, cannot be ignored. But, this
one-sidedness in migration studies leads to some blind spots by keeping
the migrant and her/his experience out of the center of sociological
accounts. This work aimed at understanding socio-structural grounds and
influences of HSLM experience by introducing its elite migrants as homo
migrant sociologicus, rather than homo migrant economicus. It particularly
presents an integrated analysis about ICT specialists from Turkey in

Dr. Ulas Sunata PhD in Sociology, University of Osnabrück (UO), Osnabrück;
Master of Science in Sociology and Bachelor of Arts in Statistics, Middle
East Technical University (METU), Ankara. Her research interests include
information society, nationalism, migration and gender studies, on which
she has published several articles. She currently gives lectures at the
Bahçesehir University in Istanbul.